Case Study
June 3, 2020

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Pushing the Boundaries of Directional Signage: The Masterpiece of Dubai Parks and Resorts Project

Dubai Parks and Resorts commissioned us to design and install their wayfinding and vehicular directional signage. This project was unique in its incorporation of themed designs and artworks.


The project offered a unique opportunity to merge our competence in practical signage design with the world of artistic expression. As we were tasked by Dubai Parks and Resorts to design and install their wayfinding and vehicular directional signage, the objective was not merely to guide visitors. It also encompassed the creation of a consistent thematic ambiance through our designs, resonating with the alluring environment of the parks and resorts.


The initiation of this project brought about the challenge of constructing vehicular directional signage that maintained a cohesive design language consistent with the overarching theme of the project. Rather than limiting ourselves to the creation of functional signs, we ventured into the world of artistry. We strived to create distinctive pieces where aesthetics seamlessly intertwined with functionality, transforming each sign into a symbolic element of the vibrant ambiance of the parks and resorts.


The primary challenge was conceptualizing and executing an innovative steel structure for the signs, which would provide a robust foundation while complying with the aesthetic ethos of the project. Our team of creatives was set the task of detailing and engineering each aspect of the structure meticulously. This endeavor ensured that the structure not only had the required strength to withstand environmental elements but also projected an appealing visual aesthetic.


An extraordinary feature that embellished these signs was the integration of butterfly wings at the back of each sign. These wings were not arbitrarily chosen; instead, they were thoughtfully designed components that mirrored the enchanting atmosphere of the parks and resorts. By subtly incorporating them into the back of the signs, we achieved a captivating design, inviting intrigue from every viewpoint.
These butterfly wings were further graced with a striking color gradation, transitioning from a darker hue at one end to a lighter one at the other. This gradient, besides enhancing the visual appeal, brought a dynamic element to the signs, immersing them in a lively play of colors.
We upheld this degree of intricacy and attention to detail across all the Gantries, Cantilevers, and Post-mounted signage. The result was an ensemble of signs, each sharing a common theme and aesthetic appeal, contributing to a unified thematic experience throughout the park.
Our innovative approach ensured that the signs transcended their fundamental purpose of providing clear vehicular directions. They turned into significant enhancers of the overall ambiance of the project, contributing to its allure. The unique design and thematic consistency of the signs received high acclaim, becoming a highlight of the project and infusing a unified and pleasing aesthetic across the entire park.
In retrospect, the Dubai Parks and Resorts Project validates our innovative approach to signage creation. It stands as a testament to our ability to harmoniously blend creativity with practicality, producing outcomes that are not just functionally efficient but also visually captivating.

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