Height Restriction Gantry

Efficiently Manage Clearance: Height Restriction Gantry Signs

Our signs prevent accidents by clearly indicating height restrictions and enhancing road safety.


Height restrictions are a crucial consideration when it comes to the safe passage of vehicles, especially in areas with low overhead clearances. Our Height Restriction Gantry signs offer a reliable solution to efficiently manage clearance and prevent accidents. These signs are designed with precision and clarity, clearly indicating the maximum height allowed for safe passage.

At Joseph Projects & Traffic Signs, we prioritize road safety, and our Height Restriction Gantry signs play a vital role in maintaining safe and smooth traffic flow. These signs are strategically placed at appropriate locations, such as underpasses, bridges, or areas with height limitations, ensuring that drivers are aware of the maximum clearance height.

By clearly conveying this information, our signs help prevent potential collisions and protect infrastructure from damage caused by oversized vehicles.

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